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Diciéndole adiós al router de la compañía: Cómo usar un Xiaomi AC3600 con Digi en España

Soy un apasionado de la tecnología y siempre me ha gustado tener el control total sobre mi conexión a internet. Si tú también quieres tener el control y usar tu propio router en lugar del que te proporciona tu proveedor en España, en este artículo, te explicaré cómo configurar un router Xiaomi AC3600 para usarlo con Digi, para que puedas disfrutar de tu propia red en casa.

React guidelines to the best

A highly opinionated article about what for me are the ingredients making React applications codebase to stand out.

Exploring the Unseen Beauty of Honduras

Honduras may have a reputation for being a dangerous country, but my travels there proved that this is not always the case. I found the locals to be friendly and hospitable, and I was able to navigate the country's transportation system with ease.

Prelude of a year of changes

Starting a blog is like starting a new relationship: it's exciting at first, but it requires commitment and effort to keep it going. And just like in a relationship, sometimes the blog dies a natural death. But this time, I'm determined to make it different.

Gabriel Gil Graña