Honduras, fast and intense

Honduras, capital of insecurity. I can't deny, Honduras has been one of the things that worried me the most prior to my arrival. Everyone was talking tons of things about the things they have heard, how dangerous it might get, or how complicated the stories turned out for someone they know and so on.

However, it didn't take too much time to understand my reality across the country. Let's start.


I am not going to lie: I had heard tons of weird stories about how some people ended up in Honduras, people close to those I was talking to. Some friends in the US warned me as well, and some other simply told me "Don't go.". This is the reason why decided to arrive there in one of those "pretty cool", and considered safe buses that the Costa Rican company, —Ticabus— offers from Nicaragua to San Pedro Sula.

Everything was more under control than what I was expecting. Passport control from the very beginning, luggage was actually labeled...

I passed quite quickly through Tegucigalpa shortly after, just, eight hours traveling from Managua after passing the border control.

In average, it wasn't a complicated thing to travel around there. Just don't play hero and go around the streets on late night, specially in places like San Pedro Sula where I did my night-stop before heading to La Ceiba.

This one was a big quality difference compared to the Ticabus I mentioned before, but still, it just did the work and brought me to La Ceiba. Once there another group of taxi drivers were arguing between themselves to bring us to our final destination. Another French guy met on the bus from Managua came in my cab. He wanted to walk as someone told him the dock was just 1.5km away, but finally we arrived after 10 minutes car drive, which confirms he was absolutely wrong.

The transport to Utila was acceptable as well. Do not expect any premium feature, nor to be on time, but will get you to this island in a one-hour trip and at only 140 Lempiras (HNL).


The range of activities offered in Utila is limited, but intense enough to make you believe the time flew away so fast.


Tons of people go to Honduras to get their PADI certification. It is cheap, fun, far-from-home, and really beautiful underwater. The reef has plenty of life, and they also have an intentionally-situated shipwreck quite close by boat.

In my case, I am already an Advanced PADI Certified Diver (blablabla..) so just went for some fun dives, in the diving school recommended by a friend in Tegucigalpa, Parrots Dive Center. Nothing really special, apart from the company of one of the DiveMasters that came with me. A Honduran mermaid that was always keen to show her smile to the world.

The school provides and include accommodation during all the days you dive with them. A dorm with great vibe people just in front of the diving center, hence the sea too.


Utila is really a small island. Barely could see a car during all my stay. This makes it easier to go around just by feet. Davide, one italian national I met during lunchtime, guided us to Pumpkin Hill, a nice to nature area where to enjoy the views of most of the island. If you go there, bring something to climb the lighthouse that is just next.