Hey, I'm Gabriel!

I spend most of my time creating software products that improve people's lives.

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Professionally, I am behind the scenes of Octavo and TransferLink. Personally, my time is mostly invested in sports (🏃,🎾, 🧗,🚧).


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Prelude of a year change

It is the umpteenth time I try to keep up with a blog. Even better, the umpteenth time I start one. Its dead becomes something natural; as I…

Spain here and there

Arrived before the people knew I was arriving. I'm always keen to surprise my people, but I've been appearing at some point for christmas…

Only one day in Appignano, tons of stories

What a crazy place!! I just recovered from a crazy day, and an insane one later. I would like to mention some issues I've had to get to…

Rio San Juan, history on countries border.

I do not have time to write that much right now. I am just going to spoil a bit with this video resume. Will update this when got the time.

Honduras, fast and intense

Honduras, the capital of the insecurity. I can't deny, Honduras has been one of the things that worried me the most prior my arrival…

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