Prelude of a year change

It is the umpteenth time I try to keep up with a blog. Even better, the umpteenth time I start one. Its dead becomes something natural; as I keep enjoying, it becomes harder to keep good record of my public life.

This time, is going to be different. Well, no lies. I don't really know what da hell is going to happen. One this is clear and brand nu on my website: I will maintain it mainly in english.

Before I keep on writing, I'd like to keep a point clear, for me and for all of those who might be reading. This is my blog, my life, my stuff. It is going to be complicated enough to put down my thoughts in english, and they all are going to be from the point of view I want them to be. This might not be your code reference site, nor the step-by-step do-it-yourself wiki, and mainly, not your travel guide blog.

The last point is quite important, as during some time I've tried to, I don't know, to extend the way I live, and I discover the world to others. But took me some time to understand that, the way I enjoy every single thing around me may be not related in any form with you, visitor.

Once all this shit from my inner side was brought up, I can reveal why today is an important date. Today is the beginning of a 3 months period on which I will be away from the country I live and work at; Malta. I do strongly believe I will miss it, but I will be in good company as well. My aim is to post regularly here, somehow as a diary, about the things I can make public [;)].

Hope you enjoy reading,


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